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baby-17369_640We are just your average family, except we do not have wool over our eyes. We see what this country is becoming and we see the people living here being blind to it. Both my wife and I are working professionals that have been raised in the South. We feel strongly involved in our community and we work hard to instill good values in our children. We believe change is necessary before we are all fighting to survive. Our site is dedicated to outlining certain articles or arguments presented that we feel strongly about. We look forward to you reading our articles and even joining in the discussion!


Both of us hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Universities and feel like we are at least educated enough to understand some of the policies affecting us today. I do not feel like some of our politicians are as lucky! With our college degrees came nice paying jobs, and with nice paying jobs came paying a nice amount of taxes. This caused an outrage the first time a paycheck with an increase came and I actually cleared less money. When someone who has no college education and no job is getting 10,000 dollars back from the IRS and I am paying them an extra 5,000 dollars, i begin to see a huge problem!

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